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New England One would be happy to publish any detailed tutorials or articles that you wish to have displayed on our website.

Writing a guest post or creating a tutorial for New England One gives you immediate exposure to our audience. Your article will become a permanent part of the website, and we will promote the article across our social media platforms.

Guest posting is a fantastic opportunity to gain more exposure for your blog and yourself as a writer.

Guest Posting & Tutorial Requirements

New England One maintains a high standard of stories on the website and guest posts and tutorials are no different.

Please note that all articles must be related to the broadcasting industry, including but not limited to journalism, television news, television stations, broadcast technology, television production, network programming, network news, etc. Tutorials should be related to the same, but can apply to the broadcast industry in a broader sense (such as a HDTV makeup tutorial, life hacks for those that work in television, an tutorials on software or applications a journalist or broadcast employee might use.) Any articles or tutorials that do not meet our criteria will not be published.

When we review your article submission we will be looking for these qualities in your content:
  • Actionable step by step advice and information
  • A tutorial or article that shares good knowledge others can learn from
  • Any claims should be documented with evidence (i.e case studies or personal results)
  • Images and/or video are encouraged to add more value to your post
Content Guidelines
  • Original and Unique: We do not want to just republish content you have already posted to your blog or to another website
  • Length: Articles should be at least 500-700 words or more
  • Proper Grammar: Please check your work for grammar and spelling mistakes before submitting it
  • Self Promotion: We respect your work, and will give you proper credit in an author bio, but outright self promotion is not allowed in the article itself
  • A Complete Story: Remember to answer the Who, What, Why, When & Where
  • Tutorials: Add a ‘What You Will Learn’ section after the introduction to your article to set expectations or what the reader will learn (using bullet points is acceptable)
  • Bio: Include a one paragraph bio of yourself, along with any social media links you want posted in your article

Get In Touch

If you would like to publish your work on New England One, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. If you have already written an article or tutorial, go ahead and submit it for consideration when you contact us.


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