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New England One is targeted to those working and interested in the broadcasting industry, specifically in the television markets in New England. We offer very competitive website/blog advertising rates.

Around 98% of our audience is from the United States, with approximatley 73% of that coming from the influential New England states of Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, and Vermont.

Traffic Statistics

New England One receives 150k+ page views a month on average, you can take a look at our full stats by downloading our media kit, or taking a look at our media kit online.

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What We Can Offer Your Brand

Banner Ads

We have a variety of sizes available for you to choose from. All banner ads are exclusive in that we do not rotate your ad with other ads, you get 100% of the impressions for your ad placement.

Banner ads can be animated, but cannot contain audio or video. You also have the option of having multiple banner ad styles that will rotate in the same advertisement placement.

Whats great about advertising with New England One is that we manage all banner advertisements, we do not use a third party. What's the benefit in that? Your banner ad is an image on our website, without the complex advertising code that third parties use, that means our banner ads will not get blocked by ad blocker software. We also keep track of all banner ad impressions and link clicks. In addition, because our website is 100% responsive, your ads will display no matter what type of device our audience uses - whether it be a phone, tablet, laptop or computer.

Horizontal Ad Size Examples

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Vertical Ad Size Examples

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You can take a look at the images below to see a mock up of the banner ad placements. You can also view a demo version of New England One to see the banner ad placements in action. 

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Banner Ad Pricing

Banner ads are offered Monthly, for 6 Months, or for One Year. You can lock in current rates by advertising with us for six months or one year. You also get a free month if you sign on for six months, and two free months for one year. Contact us for our current rates.

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Sponsored Post

This is the ultimate advertising option on New England One.

A sponsored post is an informational or case study article story about your product or service and how they would benefit our audience. You will supply us with written copy (700-1000 words is recommended for an engaging informative post), images and video can also be added to the post. These posts will be promoted to all of our readers, and will remain permanently on our website. We will also promote the sponsored article across our social media platforms. While the purpose of the article is to promote your product, service, or brand, it should also offer valuable engaging information that our readers will enjoy and learn from.

We have a reputation for producing high quality, engaging, informational content that your brand can benefit from.

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Product Reviews

Do you have a product or service that you want reviewed by unbiased and real-world potential users? We will have industry professionals use and provide an honest and upfront review of your product or service.

These posts will use an affiliate link where possible and the post will be labelled as "sponsored by..." inside the article. All reviews will remain neutral. If you sponsor a post for a product review, you are only paying for our time to use and test your product or service - you are not buying our opinion and are not in any way guaranteed a positive review.

If you are willing to offer prizes for a competition on our website and an exclusive discount for our readers, we will remove the "Sponsored by..." messaging from the article, and you will get additional exposure from us promoting the competition which will lead to additional sales for you.

You can also offer your own product reviews or case studies as a sponsored post. The difference between a sponsored post reviewing your own product or service, and New England One doing so is that we remain neutral in the process, and add our endorsement to your product or service.

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Brand Awareness Through Giveaways

What is better for brand promotion than a giveaway?

Do you have products, service trials, or prizes to offer in a free competition to promote your brand awareness? We can help you with that. If you are looking for a quick sales boost, there is no better way than with a competition or giveaway.

This will engage our users, and further expose your brand to them. We will run, manage, and promote the contest and your brand on our website, and through our social media platforms.

The there is a flat rate cost to this option, plus prizes and an exclusive one week discount to your product or service for our readers. A minimum of two prizes should be sent to us - one for the contest, and one for a member of the New England One team.

We will waive the fee if you'd like to do a giveaway in addition to a sponsored post.

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Write for Us

When you write a guest post on New England One, you get instant access to our audience.

This option is a fantastic way to gain more exposure for your writing and/or your own blog - and its free!

We will post any original detailed tutorials or articles that fit within our target audience. The subject of your tutorial or article needs to fit in to one of our published news categories.

New England One maintains a high standard of articles posted to the website, and guest posts and tutorials are no different.

If you are interested in this option, view our write for us page here.