About Beth Johnson


Beth Johnson contributes to New England One's "Surviving Television News."

Beth is a veteran producer and former executive producer who really knows how to get people talking.  Throughout her 11 year career she was consistently called on to raise ratings for troubled newscasts and became known for taking innovative approaches that yield big results. Several times Beth was hired to launch new newscasts.

Beth has worked in many markets (Orlando, Cleveland, Tampa, Kansas City, Columbia and Greenville SC) and has produced newscasts in every day part. She's studied her craft thoroughly.  She intentionally worked at stations with different kinds of news philosophies to increase her versatility as a producer, trainer and mentor.

Beth took her innovative thinking to a different medium by launching a website for TV journalists called Survivetvnewsjobs.com.  In a short while, the website has become a “go to” place for journalists to get practical solutions to a variety of problems they face on the job each day.  Articles from SurviveTVNewsJobs are passed around in newsrooms, media groups and at some of the nation’s top J-schools.  Most importantly, it is creating a network for journalists to connect and also help each other grow in their craft.  The website showcases that Beth knows how to brand through social media. She also understands the importance of Twitter and Facebook in order to network, communicate and recruit.

Now she has joined MediaStars to help producers and managers showcase their skills and find the right fit.  She understands what producers and managers need to succeed. She's recruiting the best producers.

Beth lives in Orlando, FL with her husband and two sons. Email Beth at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. You can also follow her on Twitter @TV_Agent_Beth.


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